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Main Function & Operation Type

Belt Rotation Type

Potential Customers

Automotive Part’s Machining Factory with CNC lathe and
Machining Center


To skim the lubrication oil on the surface of coolant in the
coolant tank


  • 1  Skimming on Both sides of the belt
  • 2  Belt Material : Glass wool with the long durability at High
        temperature (up to 80℃)
  • 3  Easy to exchange the belt
  • 4  Less Floor Space to install with 300*150mm
  • 5  Easy to install , If there is a hole with 150*150mm on the
        surface of the tank
  • 6  Built-in Separator tank
  • 7  Oil Free-Coolant to auto influx to the coolant tank from Separator tank automatically.
  • 8  Separated Lubricant from Separator tank to drop into the extra tank through Tube as option
  • 9  Steel wire frame mounted on the lower roller to avoid the roller’s breakaway from the belt
  • 10 Secondary Scraper to separate the floating particles on the belt as option before Separation on the
        main scrapers.


  • Applied Machine Tool : Small Lathe & Machining Center
  • How to operate : Belt Rotation
Capacity 1.8~5ℓ/h Weight 5kg
Separator Tank Capacity 1.3ℓ Dimension 360*140*205mm (w*L*H)
Lift Height 20cm Separator Tank 190*93*90mm (w*L*H)
Electricity 220V/60/50Hz single phase Fluid Temperature up to 80℃
Motor 6W PH 6~11
Material SS or SUS Belt Width & Length 65mm*400mm

Attention to Operate

  • 1  Remove the small particles on the main and secondary scrapers often
  • 2  Drop Half of the Separator tank if it will be over-flow.
  • 3  Check the belt’s status whether its lubricant collect or not very often.
  • 4  When there is no lubricant on the belt, please check the gap between the main Scrapers and the belt,
        When the gap is too big, adjust the bolts on the side of the main scrapers
  • 5  Check its steel wire frame mounted on the lower roller.