Water & Oil Separator

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Water & Oil Separator

Main Function & Operation Type

Washing fluid is being separated by the special inside-structure
tank automatically.

Potential Customers



To separate the food oil from washing fluid


  • 1  World wide Patent Technology with the particular structure
  • 2  Easy to install the built in tank into the washing basin
  • 3  Separate the floating particles through the basket filtering net
  • 4  Separate Wasted oil in the separator tank and drop & collect to the plastic bottle.
  • 5  Filtered fluid is to auto influx to the outlet pipe.


  • Applied field : Restaurant
  • How to operate : Based on the Gravity and Density of wasted washing fluid
Capacity 300ℓ/h Weight 60kg
Separator Tank Capacity 40ℓ Dimension 500*300*600mm (w*L*H)
Electricity 220V/60/50Hz single phase Fluid Temperature below 80℃
Material SUS

Attention to Install

  • 1  Install the product with Separator tank horizontally on the level.
  • 2  Check the Inlet and outlet’s Function under the bottom of the product
  • 3  Understand the patented structure of separator tank, Wasted Water level control lever for wasted water
       and Oil drain control lever for oil outlet
  • 4  Prepare for the plastic bottle to collect the wasted oil

Attention to Operate

  • 1  Remove the small particles on the basket filter screen often.
  • 2  Clean the bottom of Separator tank when there are a lot of sludge on the bottom. Before cleaning,
       Open the drain valve under the tank and clean with air-gun efficiently.