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Magnetic Filter System

Area of use

Magnetic fine filtration of process fluids is particularly suited to filtration of fluids with particles from grinding and cast iron processing. The magnetic filter has various applications such as coolants, grinding fluids, washing fluids up to 80°C and other fluids with ferritic particles.


The magnetic filter is fully automatic and only has to be set at startup. The magnetic field is created by permanent magnets, and therefore no energy has to be used to establish a magnetic field. The forwarding of the band occurs in intervals as the particles build up to a certain level. The extremely strong permanent magnets create a strong magnetic field which ensures filtration of very fine particles down to under 10 μm. The forwarding intervals are set so that the particles will have the necessary drying time before leaving the magnetic filter. The filter cake is removed on the manual magnetic filter (3.10 M) by using a scraper.


  • 1  Filtration of the very fine particles extends the lifetime of the process fluid and protects nozzles, valves
        and rotating clutches in processing machines
  • 2  Filtration occurs without any use of consumables and the unit has low energy consumption
  • 3  The filter has a high degree of filtration and high capacity
  • 4  Effective for cast iron particles as the graphite particles tie to the ferrite
  • 5  Designed in stainless steel
  • 6  By fully automatic magnetic filters (model 3.10 A, 5.13 A and 7.20 A) the forwarding intervals can be
        adjusted, ensuring that the filter cake has the necessary drying time and dry sludge is easier and


  • Belki Magnetic Filter
Type 3.10M 3.10A 5.13A 7.20A
Capacity(ℓ/min) 200 250 500 1000
Material 스테인레스스틸 스테인레스스틸 스테인레스스틸 스테인레스스틸
Electricity(V/Hz) 3x400V 50Hz 3x400V 50Hz 3x400V 50Hz
Weight(kg) 52 52 80 155
Length(mm) 1081 1404 1595 2902
Width(mm) 383 427 627 961
height(mm) 526 806 816 912
  • Belki Inline Magnetic Filter
Type Ultra Mag1 Ultra Mag2 Ultra Mag2*3
Flow capacity(ℓ/m) 100 250 500
Contamination capacity(kg) 1 3 6
Connection(Size) 1" 1 1/2" 2"
Number of cores(Pcs) 1 3 6

Attention to Install

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Attention to Operate

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